Jonathan Dallas

UI Web Developer

Portfolio Work

  • Brain Games - blinking circles. Are the inner circles blinking at the same time or alternating? Used JavaScript to switch an id value at a set interval. CSS then changes the color.
  • Experiment with responsive design of the NELUG website. This prototype was built as a mobile site that then adds content and high resolution images as the browser increases in size. JavaScript and media queries were used to create the affect.
  • Light weight product zoom widget designed to replace a Flash based version in an attempt to improve site performance. This prototype uses jQuery to display an element with a larger background image of the product over the smaller one. The position of the background image is then adjusted as you mouse over it.
  • Reskin of the Everest Poker website. Stakeholders wanted to quickly (2 weeks) update the look and feel of the entire Everest Poker website. I found a way with just using CSS and adjusting some of the CMS content to pull this off. A rough version was shown to them within an hour using just the Firebug console.
  • Promotion page for Laronda built within a Plone CMS content type field. Content type had two wysiwyg editor fields and a raw html field. CSS and JavaScript was placed in the raw html field to style the content. I also added an Easter egg for fun - click on the computer five times to see Easter egg
  • In preparation for the launch of a new Everest Poker site for France we needed to create a landing page. One page design created from PSD mockups.
  • Updated the look and feel of the Imperial Casino website. New homepage, download page, and interior page. Perl Mason templates were created and all new CSS (from scratch to remove old code) was added to the site.
  • Custom 404 page for the Live the Dream website
  • Designed and built the Kickass Cupcakes website (built in 2007)


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